Why is COMMITMENT important?

Commitment is a VOW that would be forever remembered by our hearts and written on our history. It is an OATH that is being thrived to keep. It is a precious PROMISE that is forever treasured.  It is a PLEDGE sealed with love and compassion. Commitment guarantees love and affection. It destroys one’s solitude. It is made out of desire, attraction and love. It is sworn and strengthened by trust. —- That’s how I understand commitment.

Commitment may come in any form. It may be a commitment with a lover, a parent, a relative, a friend or even to a responsibility or job. Though it may vary in form, all of them are parallel in many aspects. All o f them requires love to keep one to religiously continue the story. All of them obliges one to sacrifice and at the end pays off the hardships with great satisfaction. All of them just make one’s life blissful and we really couldn’t deny that fact.

Among the many forms of commitment, I would want to dig deeper on the ones which involved a lover. Commitment is equivalent to supreme satisfaction. Everybody desires for it. I, personally yearn for it. It is one of my cravings. I really wish to have it someday with somebody I am meant to be with. I want to be complete. That begins the importance of commitment.

Having a commitment with somebody you love is just something you can draw out pride and glee. It seems like the magic of love just made your whole life worth living. But that doesn’t tell what commitment really is and its real score of importance. It doesn’t explain the real face of commitment. Entering a commitment with someone else entails authority to privacy. But on the other hand, assures one’s sense of belongingness. It limits one’s freedom but enriches one’s trust. Commitment is a necessity to bridge and prove love. Without commitment, nothing could express the real essence of mutual love. It serves as a way to know more each other, to see what other things to adjust and things that are constant. Commitment is another way express acceptance. Having a relationship with somebody you love obliges you to be yourself and let him be himself too. Never be someone else, different from the person he knew before you reach the status of in relationship. It is because commitment is a time to see each other’s incompleteness and fill them up with love and compassion. Commitment is finally finding your match so if it happens that it didn’t ended up the way you expect it to be, it just means that you haven’t found the right one yet. Not all commitment is happy, not all ends up in church weddings. All we have to bear in mind that if our first try wasn’t a perfect love story, the Earth is too huge and life is too unpredictable to give up. Let’s just let the magic of love bring our matches near and start the spark and brighten our days.




My mom, as my parent, had the responsibility to provide my needs specifically my education. In order for me to have a brighter future, she chose to work abroad since I was three years old until my dad passed away. Presently, I live all alone here in the Philippines and I can do anything I want. That’s what my role covers. I have the freedom but I have the responsibility to take care of my mom’s trust. That’s the reason why I never gone wild, went with bad friends or engage myself to vices. If I could maintain my positive behaviour, I know my mom wouldn’t have to worry about me and she could work well. My role is just to become a good daughter while my mom is to become a responsible parent. If I won’t behave well, my mom would be forced to come home and become a hands-on mom. As result, she would lose her job and earn nothing for our living. So, I would have no choice but to stop college. Indeed, my mom’s role and mine is really complementary.



I, as God’s follower, I have the responsibility to worship and have faith on Him. I believe that at all times He is always by my side to defend me, protect me and guide me. He will never leave me anytime of my life. I believe He is my Saviour and my Provider. Thus, I address to Him my needs and desires to satisfy myself and fulfil my dreams and plans. My role then starts there. I must have a very strong faith on Him and believe in His power. I must be contented to whatever is given to me, thus accept the fact that not everything I wish to have would be mine and that there is something better meant for me. God’s role would then just grant, if not all, any of my prayers that are willed to happen.



As a student, my obligation is to meet my scholastic responsibilities. My job is to sit down inside the classroom, absorb all the knowledge that is being taught by my teachers and pass all the projects required. Paying respect and honour to my educators is a different set of my duty. On the other hand, my teachers are liable of making sure that I am learning and that at the end of the day I have something to add on the weapon I could use when I step in the battle of real life. My teacher’s role is to teach, while mine is to learn. To make it parallel, there are certain scenarios that even teachers are also taught by their students. Sometimes, it maybe additional knowledge too, but often, they are lessons in life that are being drawn out from personal experiences. These, usually, touch their lives and make a difference on it. That’s how our roles alternate.

   Among the three, the most significant is my relationship with my mom. For me it’s the most challenging relationship due to distance. It’s indeed a matter of trust and love. Another factor that added to the spice is our past relationship. I am never close to my mom since I grew with my dad since I was three. Now, that my dad passed away, I really have to establish a better relationship with my mom and cope up to whatever we failed to meet. I consider my dad’s departure as a sign that my dad and I had enough and it’s finally my mom’s turn to make me feel how special I am and to feel how she is valuable to me.   

What do you think will happen in the future?

I’ve got a very small family. My home includes just my dad, my mom and me. It even got smaller when my dad died. It even got gloomy when I started to live all alone at home. But thanks to the modern technology, my home became possible. My mom and I communicate daily through texts and calls. Without my cell phone, I would have a very dark life, seeing and hearing my mom every two years. Yes, I might have my relatives and friends here, but it’s totally different when you have your own parent. Thus, with whatever means that my mom and I build up our relationship, I know trust, love and affection would be our main subjects to share, protect and maintain. There may be a lot of circumstance that may come our ways but of course, we must defeat them. Four to five years from now, my mom would come home after resigning from her work, while I am taking over her role in earning for our living. After all, my mom had done so much. It would just be appropriate to pay her back all the sacrifices she had done for the past, more or less, 15 years. 

BALOS 2012

Something I couldn’t deny I am very proud of.
(YAWA 2012)

Something I couldn’t deny I am very proud of. (YAWA 2012)

When I’m depressed, I get so attached to sweet foods. 

Personal Advertorials


Laughs with me…

Listens to my cries…

Lifts up my faith…

Stands by me…

Corrects my flaws…         

Hunting for a SHOULDER and a FRIEND.


Shaped by gentleness and love…

Made of honesty and loyalty…

Presents courage and understanding…







Searching for a VISIBLE HOME.

What do I look for a friend?

Whenever I hear the word “friend”, I would remember how I became the richest person in the world. I started to be just a lonely little kid who had nobody to be with but ended up to be different. When I begun to get out of my comfort zone and went to school with other kids, my journey of finding myself and my mates set in train. I played so hard. I talked to them. I mingled. Everything was a tough process. Making friends was indeed so hard. But then I have realized that the hard work was all worthwhile. Finally, I got friends. But, they were just friends; Nothing less than a companion, nothing more than a pal. These buddies I’ve got were always with me at my brightest times. But were nowhere to be found at my darkest. I just got friends and that wasn’t all I needed.

 I wanted real friends that would offer me genuine friendship, friends that wouldn’t leave me at my downfall, friends that would laugh at my mistakes but strive hard to correct me, friends that would stand with me when I go crazy and never leave when I’m drunk, friends that would slap my face when I cry of heartaches but stay with me to offer a shoulder, friends that wouldn’t get tired of my sentiments but push me to become stronger, friends that would laugh at the top of their lungs with me, friends that wouldn’t mind the way I dress and act, friends that wouldn’t complain when I fart, friends that would argue with me but still find ways to forgive me, friends that would get bruised but still enjoy my company, friends that would love my family and accept the real me.  I needed true friends. But I didn’t search for them. I didn’t even purchase them. I just showed up the real me. I didn’t pretend. I didn’t impersonate. I just acted as how the authentic THEA should be. Then, it worked. It was much easier. I just have to be myself.

Finally, friends came but not all stayed behind. Some left for a purpose, some dwelt for a reason. I started to recognize those who are true and fake. But most of them taught me a lesson, most of them made me stronger. All of them drove me to know myself – my strengths and weaknesses. If time would come that another would leave, I would still be thankful. I might weep but it’s by fate. All the memories that we have painted would be remembered with no regrets. But if friends would be the measurement of wealth, I could say that I am the wealthiest person ever. It’s not by quantity, it’s by reality. I never looked for them, they just came…



1. The responsibility for listening well is on the listener.

                I disagree. Sometimes, the one talking needs to listen to check on his effectiveness and efficiency as a speaker. He must listen to himself whether he speaks audibly, speedy or factually. He must possess focus as he speaks. At the same time, he must also listen to the feedbacks of his listener while he is talking (usually happens on speech, seminar, meeting) to check if he has been an effective communicator, helping out his listener to easily hear and comprehend the message he has transmitted. On the other hand, the responsibility of the listener to listen well is undeniable. He must not only hear he must listen very well understanding the transmitted message of the speaker.

 2. The responsibility for being clear and interesting is on the person doing most of the talking.

                I agree. In order to keep the listeners interesting with what you talk about, the speaker must be very effective. He must see to it that his voice is audible enough and his gestures must be appropriate. He must never fail to keep an eye to his listeners or else, they would get bored. Most importantly, he must strive hard to meet his goal - the effect. However, in the process of communication, channels might be accessible but noise is inevitable. Any form of noise must be managed by the speaker so as to make the communication effective and successful.

3. How is listening influenced by your culture?

                As a Filipino and a Catholic, I prefer more to listen to speakers who are wholesome enough. I would get distracted if there would be gestures or vulgar words that the speaker would act or utter. I was raised by a Catholic school, exclusive for girls; the reason why I tend to feel awkward and shocked on certain indecent topics or issue.  However, on the field I chose to be in at the present time, I need to be open-minded in any situations that may came my way. At the same time, I have to keep in mind the purpose of listening. It’s for me to comprehend, understand and how I critic certain issue.



What is the truth?

 What is the effect of media on self-esteem?

Media is very powerful. Everyone’s eye follows it every minute of every day. People imitate what they see and absorb what they witness. Almost everybody lives out the way media interpret how life should be. INFLUENTIAL. That is media.

Nowadays, the world began to evolve. The earth changed a lot. Natural things can be replaced by artificial stuffs, these days. Everything can be acquired instantly such as noodles, milk, coffee and even data. Everything became portable and accessible. These are all because of the existence of technology, empowered by the media.  As technology and media united, humans started to live a very blissful life. There’s pleasure among the people but there’s no real contentment. They continue to crave for something better. Each wanted to be the best than anybody else. Everyone wants to be PERFECT. This is the effect of media to the people. They often fail to appreciate and accept themselves. Instead of being grateful, they become immature and resentful. Competition among humans begins. This time, it’s not for mere survival. This time, it’s for reputation, self-expression and acceptance in the community. This time, it’s not only all about the rich and the poor. This time, it’s about pretty and ugly people. This time, it’s about the sexy and the obese. This time, it’s about the white and the dark. This time, it’s about the straight and the curly hair. This time, it’s about the trending and the old-fashioned clothes. This time, it’s all about the external features of a person, that media exhibits acceptance and fame. Because of media, yes, one may look better. But as time goes by, one unconsciously loses his true self. If one unsuccessfully imitates what or who they think would turn them better, frustrations would just run on his mind. Disappointments and insecurities would follow. Yes, media might be a big hope of encouragement but it might even be the biggest vulture that would make one fall and turn one’s self-esteem back to zero.

Are there different pressures for women and men?

Generally, no. Men and women share the same pressure and live their lives mostly for the others. Both sex desires to be the best of themselves. Seeing posters and advertisements of muscular and sexy women and men certainly pushes both sexes to imitate what they see after witnessing something more acceptable and to be proud of. Both wishes to improve their skin colour, hairstyle, diet and most especially, fashion taste. Both battles for acceptance and fame. Both yearn for PERFECTION.

Discuss or write a brief reflection by relating what you find to a concept in the chapter.

Being the person I am today is something to be proud of. Having the people I still have until this time and all the achievements I have accomplished are something to be appreciated, and never to be taken for granted. All the failures I have and the challenges I have surpassed are reasons to become more firm and mightier. All of us may meet different vultures on our way in reaching our dreams, but we must all fight against it no matter how hard and intimidating they may be. Life must go on no matter how many times we may fall. We just have to stand up from the mud we fell off and continue what we have started. Stars won’t be out of our reach if we won’t stop chasing on them. We just have to take one step at a time to defeat every vulture that hinders us towards success. We need optimism to be in our minds and hearts to keep us on the battle. Let us not give any room for withdrawal. Hence, when life puts us in tough situation, we must not retreat and say, “why me?” instead, we must stand still and say, “Try me! “


I painted this, wanting to know what people think?


I painted this, wanting to know what people think?


Dreaming is free. It does not need anybody to spend, even a penny. Dreaming is for everybody. It only takes imagination and determination to dream, to believe and to succeed. Dreaming is like living in fantasy but in order for a dreamer to thrive, he must believe in reality. Confidence and fortitude must be tattooed in his heart. Optimism, humility and patience must dominate his personality. Above all, the Beholder must be the light that would brighten up his path towards the rainbow that he aims for.

Dreaming is much momentous to people who truly believe. One’s dream is one’s greatest desire. It becomes one’s motivation to live. It becomes one’s goal to fight. It becomes a driving force to fly, to soar and to aim high. And when that dream has put into life, that dream turns into a satisfaction, an accomplishment and a treasure.

I am a dreamer. I aspire to become a star. I wish to become an actress since I was a child. I really want to be on stage. I want to act. I want to perform. I want to entertain. But this dream, like anything else is never easy to achieve.

I am a dreamer. I aspire to become a melody. I wish to become a singer. All my life, I desire to sing in front of a huge crowd and impress many people. I have done this when I was kid, entertaining my mom’s visitors. I would stand up on the table and sing at the top of my voice. Of course, they would be astonished, not because of my voice but only of the confidence I have. That’s the saddest part. This time, I want to astound people not only with my self-reliance but with my ability. (I admit this dream would come true after a series of voice training. ;))

I am a dreamer. I aspire to become an artiste. I wish to become a dancer. I can dance and not everybody can. But I want to become a real entertainer. Performing the song, “Dance Again” by Jennifer Lopez is my dream dance number. I always imagine myself wearing a perfect costume, standing on the stage with my secret dream partner and when the music starts we would dance all the way. I want to see my audience applaud after our performance.

I am dreamer. I aspire to become have home. I wish to become a responsible and admirable wife and a mother to my future family. I want to become a mother of two kids after I marry the man destined to be with me all my life. I would be very blissful if my future husband would be the man who presently gives me the reason to breathe every second of my life every day, the man who I admire, and the man who doesn’t know that he is one of the stars that I am trying to reach for.

I am a dreamer. I aspire to become my mom’s bliss. I wish to graduate and have a stable job two years from now. I want to pay back all the sacrifices and love my mom had for me. She had done a lot to let me have the most comfortable life she could provide. Hence, she deserves to have a relaxing life as she gets older. This time, it would be my turn to provide her that and love her as much as she did. 

I am a dreamer. I aspire to become a channel. I wish to become a newscaster. This dream is the most exceptional for it’s not only me that dreamed for this. My dad dreamed with me. He had become my support since then. He drove me to believe in myself. He never fails to remind me of that always. But when he died, he became my greatest inspiration. His memories were my aspirations. His words were my determination. But his absence was the greatest vulture that is trying to beat me up. My longing to a father became my weakness. His death brought me insecurities. It seemed like stars went too far away and cannot be reached. But this dream with my dad is significant and should never be taken for granted. I have a choice. I still have to go on believing and reach for the stars. I must never give up or else I’d disappoint my dad and worst, myself.

I am a dreamer. I aspire to become a pride.  I wish to fulfil all of my dreams and become the most successful and contented person on Earth. I want my loved ones and friends to be very proud of me and my accomplishments. I want to show the world that I am already holding the stars I used to reach for after all the hardships I encounter and that I would do that with humility.